Copenhagen, Denmark

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Amsterdam, Netherlands

On most sites this page is written in third person, about the person, not by the person. That approach does not feel genuine to me so if you don't mind, I will speak directly to you. That's how the best conversations start.

I have always had my hand in real estate, home and homemaking in one way or another. Home is the vibrant thread that runs through my entire life, and where my passions live. Be it a cottage or a condo, tiny or huge, I love pulling the style story together and home making, and creating a space that nourishes the people in it at a deep level.


I had a successful real estate practice for many years and have been staging since the late 80's, before staging even had a name! Real Estate opened the door to full time staging, then formal training in decorating, design psychology, evidence based home design and color. 

I am a master stager and a home stylist. I love that every project is a little different from the last, spaces are as unique as the people they shelter. My approach is holistic, I endeavor to make your home a happier, healthier and more beautiful place.

I have had the incredible fortune to travel the world extensively, 30 countries and counting. My husband Jack and I lived in Dublin, Ireland for awhile, we experienced life abroad in an every day kind of way. Our location was the ticket to traveling every chance we got. I fell in love with Europe first, then with travel in general.

I've been to and absorbed some incredible cultures, those places and their layers have become a part of me and play out in my design aesthetic and philosophy.

As much as I love traveling, I love coming home more. Travel keeps me open and full of awe, feeds my creativity and my senses. Home keeps me balanced and connected, grounded in a strong sense of belonging. It's my recipe for living the wholehearted life.

The new website name is no coincidence, It's All About Living. I am a cancer thriver, living with an incurable lymphoma for 6 years now. It's All About Living is personal to me. As an outcropping of my health crisis I completed training in EBD (Evidence Based Design- the intersection of wellness and holistic home design based on targeted research and science) and Design Psychology.  I know first hand how important home is in the healing process. My journey has introduced me to many healing modalities like essential oils and frequency medicine, both of which you can find more information on under the "Services" tab.

It's important to me that my clients are "over the moon" satisfied so I continue to invest in world class training, research and study to sharpen my eye, my technique, and to keep up with what is on trend. My design forte is Decorating, Room ReDesign, Home Staging, crafting Color/Paint Stories and creating Healing Spaces.

Cinque Terre, Italian Riviera

2018 is the twelfth year ROOMs by Laura G. has been making spaces look and live great. I count myself very blessed to have a part in so many happy endings and beginnings. Your whole life starts at home, it deserves your intention and your attention.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call me at 704-517-6653 or email, You can go to the contact page and submit a request for me to call you as well. Conversation and quotes are always free. Home Making, it's what we do!

Laura G.