Color is nothing short of magic! It has the ability to completely set the tone of a room and the emotions of the people in it. That's big.

Color can change the size of a space, making it feel larger or more intimate. It can even impact how you perceive the shape, the height and the temperature. It can help you sleep or wake you up. 

Color registers with us on an unconscious level. It can cause our serotonin levels to rise or fall, and create an environment that improves our mood and thereby impacts our relationships.



And it is everywhere! Most folks pull their hair out at the thought of picking a paint color, I can make that process a walk in the park for you and select colors that you will never regret.

Your color story lives on everything from walls to the flooring, to the furniture and art, accessories and draperies. The creation and implementation of a color story is crucial to how a home feels and lives.

Services start at $450, that's 2 generous hours in your space + 2 hours studio work. We can select paint colors for your entire house, so save yourself alot of stress and worry and get it right the first time.