I know first hand what it is like to hear a life threatening diagnosis, I am a cancer survivor and thriver, chasing remission from a rare form of Lymphoma for 8 years now, but who's counting. You can bet that I am! Good health and vibrancy are the real wealth of life and that is a fact.

I can only teach others via my own experiences, I know much of my battle back to health was won and is still being won in my own home. In my own kitchen, my own bathroom, my own bedroom. In every room of my home.

It is the things that you do every day that factor into the success formula. Your daily practices. Home is where we live, literally.  I had no idea how important the home environment is to your health and healing until mine depended on it. Every room in your home plays it's part and is a tool toward healing and happiness. Or the opposite. 

Being a natural researcher I read stacks of books, blogs, websites, newsletters, studied EBD (Evidence Based Design, using targeted research and science to inform design choices) as well Design Psychology.

I continue those studies and more today, it's fascinating to me, we don't have to be victims! When we show up for ourselves and our families we impact immune systems, toxin burdens, physiological and psychological states.

This service requires research on my part of your particular situation and evaluation of your home. We will walk through your home together and make a plan. The "prescription" is sculpted around you and as with all my services, I can help you implement the plan as much or as little as you like.

You do NOT have to be sick for this service to be of huge benefit, for some the goal is to live in a proactive mode and avoid illness.

Or perhaps you are doing some remodeling and you need help researching and selecting materials that have low toxin levels and high aesthetics. Everything in your home from your carpet and paint to the furnishings can introduce toxins into your environment. And then into the bodies that make a home in that environment. 

You can also gift my services.

Services start at $500.