Every room has a beauty and comfort just waiting to be discovered. Arranged and made ready to envelop, to relax your mind so you can rest, play and dream. Rooms, like people, have layers. The more interesting ones have layers that appeal to all your senses.

That does not mean that we don't believe in simplicity, we love simple! Simple is incredibly soothing and easy to live within. Layers when done well add to the depth and richness of a space without a cluttered look or feel.

We take into consideration your treasured pieces and work with you to create a future vision for your space. We will explore color, style and place stories. We can help you as much or as little you like to implement the plan.

We can also shop for you or with you, and will even do the returns. What follows is a list of some of our services but please don't feel locked in, we don't!

We work on projects of all sizes and are committed to keeping our project load balanced, it makes for a more enjoyable experience for us all.  Fees vary with the scope and nature of each project.

  • Home Styling & Decorating-  It's a package of time, starts at $400 for 3 generous hours helping you take your spaces to the next level with color, style and place story advice, shopping, choosing lighting, carpets, art and accessories, paint colors and fabric as well as furniture placement. And we always leave you with a next step plan and a next level shopping list.

  • One Day Decorating-  It's a package that starts at $600, comes with several stylists and 5-8 hours to empty out a space and rebuild it using your existing things. We shop in your house for new pieces to pull into the room's story and leave you a next level shopping list.

    I believe in building a room over time, the shopping list really makes that easy and saves you from mistake purchases. We tailor the quote to the scope of the project.

  • ReDesign- It's very similar to One Day Decorating but may not be completed in a day, or may be done in only 4 hours. We may empty the room out or not, rearrange the furniture or not, it depends entirely on the space. We can work with you by our side or you can choose to be surprised and we will completely take over. We take a space to the next level and freshen the style up, giving it a new life. We use what you already have or we may go shopping, this service is tailored completely to your needs and budget. And we leave you with a next level shopping list.

  • Home Staging- Home staging hardly needs any introduction anymore, I have been the staging business since before it had a name. If you have a home staging need please give us a call and we can get enough information over the phone to give you a quote on services tailored to your needs.