Welcome to It's All About Living.Life, the intersection of home design and wellness. We are committed to bringing out the beauty and nurturing nature of your spaces. As a boutique shop we have the luxury to take every project to heart.  Our approach is personal and holistic, our forte is creating soothing, soulful and sellable spaces.

We have recently expanded our offerings to include a boutique Pulse Studio, it was the natural next step and it's a match made in heaven. A happy home and a happy body! Check out the details under the "Services" or "Pulse Studio" tab. Happy Home Making, it's what we do!

We believe that "place" matters in huge ways, that it is sacred. And that your place should be a treat for the eyes as well as transformative and healing. Did you know that your home environment can improve the speed at which you heal? Your relationships? Your work and your play? Your ability to learn and retain knowledge?  A great place to come home to will change your world!

We specialize in Home Staging, One Day Decorating, Room Redesign, Interior Decorating, Color With No Regrets Paint Consultation, Seasonal Design and crafting Healing Spaces. We are opening a boutique Pulse Studio in August 2018 to support your body and mind as well. We pride ourselves on solutions that are tailored to your lifestyle, your needs and your budget.

Our passion is creating beautiful, functional spaces, a life that fits you to a tee and is deeply satisfying. Vitality should greet you in the morning, carrying you through the moments of your life. And Home should welcome you at the end of your day with a sense of belonging and safety, a harbor that protects you and yours from the elements, sheltering your bodies as well as your lives. 


"Your whole life starts at home, it deserves your intention and your attention."  Laura Gurrad