It's official, the market has forever changed. Today's buyer is very sophisticated, with a long wish list. The sharpest tool in the smart seller's toolbox is Home Staging. No matter the season, no matter the market conditions.

Sometimes I refer to our staging process as room writing. We help you discover, enhance and tell your homes story, the one that the buyer can connect with.  Buyers are looking for much more than aesthetically pleasing  homes, they look for function and that feeling of coming home.

No matter what your situation or budget we can help you position your property to sell for more money and in less time. We have been helping sellers and agents market homes utilizing home staging since 1989.

The cost of staging is ALWAYS way less than the first price reduction. That bears repeating to make sure it sinks in, the cost of staging is ALWAYS way less than the first price reduction.

We do all types of staging, from a consultation where we give you ALL the right answers and you handle the implementation with us coaching you, to our turnkey signature services where we handle all the details for you. We can even work with you long distance via photographs, Skype or facetime.

We stage vacant and occupied properties, starter and upscale homes, single family and condo/town homes. Home Making, it's what we do!

We accept personal checks, Visa and MasterCard. How much easier could it be? Services start at $200.


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