I LOVE everything about the changing of the seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter! Each shift in the weather brings it's own nuances and rituals.  The sights and sounds and smells and yummy tastes, these celebrations are woven into the rhythms of our lives. These are the heirloom moments with which we mark the beautiful passage of time, memories we pass down to those that come behind us.

I can't explain the Joie de vivre with which I greet each new season, and I do not think that I am alone. I change the pillows or the art, the window treatments, maybe the rug, the bedding, accessories or the room arrangement. I bring the outside in or build warmth inside against the elements. And my heart sings.

I adopt a little bit from the different cultures we have experienced, creating new traditions that are uniquely our own. My personal seasonal process is simple. It has a spiritual component for sure, but that extends out in a physical way into my home and garden.



The 4 Season Service helps you do the same. While crafting a plan that builds your seasonal stash over time you become keeper of the hearth, the maker of heirlooms and memories, and you maximize your decorating budget too!

Services start at $100.